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My Name is Mark Pearson. I remember coming across Spike Milligan’s ‘Silly verse for kids’ at an early age. This was fun and humorous stuff, not like the dull, serious, respectful poetry that I came across in school. He even illustrated his own work. A seed was sown….

The dismal Thatcher years of the early 80’s brought music and protest to the fore. Linton Kwesi Johnson’s became part of the soundtrack to a growing sense of rebellion. Poetry on a reggae beat. John Cooper Clarke, punky attitude and hairstyle. This was more like it…

Many years later and I started hanging out with a bunch of crazy druids, as you do. I stumbled into writing poetry as a contribution to their celebrations. The trouble was, however hard I tried, I could not write serious, respectful poetry that others did. Out went the serious stuff and in came the stuff I liked. The only rules were that it had to be fun for me to read and had to rhyme. That seed, sown decades before, had sprouted…

PS: I’m on the usual social media ‘platforms’ so, if you are too, you might want pop along and say “hello”!

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